Organizational Overview

The Center for Craft & Applied Arts is an ambitious, dynamic, urban and relatively young 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to support, promote, and organize craft in Detroit through education, exhibitions, public programs, community outreach, and economic development. Our programs are aimed at deepening Detroit's creative and cultural infrastructure, empowering Detroit youth, bolstering community engagement, and providing practical skills to regional entrepreneurs and job seekers. While many of our programs are aimed at urban constituents we seek to be a regional hub and cultural resource through our world class exhibitions, lectures, public outreach, and economic development opportunities for craftspeople. Our work brings together craftspeople, collectors, academics, and enthusiasts from around the region. Our goal is to unleash craft’s broad cultural potential to unite a historically disenfranchised and segregated region while catalyzing skilled creative production in the heart of America’s manufacturing capital. 


Our longstanding plan to establish a dedicated home space within a sympathetic real estate development inches closer to realization everyday. The Center for Craft & Applied Arts has reached an agreement in principle with a prominent Detroit-based developer. This should enable us to create a permanent home for our activities in the next year (by the end of 2017). Our new strategically sited home will be located within a larger high-quality cultural development. We will be in a position to share more details in the weeks to come.

The CCAA studio will comprise of 6400 sq ft of space divided into four media specific studios: wood, metal, textiles, and clay. Our educational director will oversee and implement programs through this space as it opens in early 2018.

The CCAA gallery will be 2500 sq ft of space that will feature curated, quarterly rotating exhibitions. The gallery will serve to illustrate the cultural, artistic, social, thematic, and design relationships to the craft objects and technical education at the CCAA. These exhibitions will draw visitors from around the region, country, and the world making the CCAA a destination.