The Need for the Center for Craft & Applied Arts

Detroit has a shortage of viable manufacturing space 

This runs counter to the narrative of a city filled with vacant structures. Available buildings either have rents too high for most small manufacturers because they have been renovated at great expense or are in an advanced state of decay which makes them cost-prohibitive to renovate and occupy.

Most small manufacturers aren’t capitalized

At least not well enough to purchase a building in their first five to ten years of business. This means that many manufacturers are working in substandard spaces causing them to grow more slowly while also losing the many benefits of being located in a highly visible location.

The Center for Craft & Applied Arts fulfills the need

The CCAA is a large, market rate, community-oriented, highly visible manufacturing center that will immediately catalyze growth in the small craft manufacturing sector. The space will further accelerate craft manufacturing in the region by offering a wide range of supplemental programs and complimentary developments.