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Instructor Proposal FAQs

Q: How broad/focused should the subject matter of my class be?
A: This really depends on what you feel comfortable teaching in the given timeframe for your class. The duration of the class isn't the only determining factor here either. If you are interested in providing a more in depth course on developing a specific technique that is more than welcome.

Q: I can't host classes at my studio, is there a place for me to teach?
A: While the CCAA does not currently have its own building, we have partnered with various local studios to provide educational space. Most of our classes have taken place at a collaborative workspace known as Ponyride. Please do not hesitate to contact us and we can work out the details.

Q: How much should I charge per student for the class? Who covers the cost of materials?
A: The instructor receives 50% of the cost, and 50% goes to the CCAA. When pricing your class, determine what you want to make per student and double it. The CCAA's 50% takes care of all materials, advertising and any cost for renting the space. Be sure to account for everything students will need -- we will cover it.

Q: Can I specify a minimum number of students for my class to run?
A: Yes. Take into consideration what you feel is fair compensation for your time. We want you to feel that teaching through the CCAA is a worthwhile endeavor.

Q: I don't have photos of the work students will make, should I still apply?
A: Please feel free to apply even if you are unable to provide photos along with your application. Keep in mind that these do not need to be professional photographs, as long as we can see what students can expect to create.

Q: Will I be liable for any injuries that may occur in my class?
A: While the CCAA does not offer liability insurance, all students are required to fill out waivers. If this is a major issue for teaching through the CCAA, please let us know and we can discuss the matter further.