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Now. Here. This.


Now. Here. This. is a curated five-part exhibition cycle highlighting the best and most innovative craft in Detroit and the surrounding metropolitan area. Each of the media specific exhibitions will highlight local craftspeople and be comprised of 20 new original works made from locally sourced material.


In cooperation with the Detroit Tree of Heaven Woodshop, the Center for Craft & Applied Arts proudly presents the first installment in Now. Here. This. The Tree of Heaven, also known as the ghetto palm, is a Chinese invasive wood species. It has become a symbol of Detroit's post-industrial landscape because of its ability to thrive in toxic environments. In this exhibition, artists and craftspeople transform this symbol of decay and rebirth into new forms, acknowledging the city's past and looking to the future. Now. Here. This. Part 1: Wood will open in late 2017.

With support from Detroit Focus