Education at the Center for Craft & Applied Arts

Recreational Classes

creating cultural amenities and opportunities to engage 

  • 6-12 week classes meeting once a week in 4 media areas
  • weekend workshops
  • serving up to 1,200 students per year
  • will allow Detroiters to better understand activities at the center, manufacturing, and the built environment
  • will create as many as 50 part-time jobs for instructors
  • available now (see our current classes here)

Youth Programs


  • after school programs for local students age 10-18
  • work/study program in partnership CCAA tenants
  • community outreach programs for kids and families to learn together
  • pilot program to begin in mid-2017, expanded program in 2018

Job Training

Training for real rewarding jobs

  • participants will gain practical skills honed in the CCAA's workshops
  • CCAA will work with regional craft businesses to create training programs for their hiring needs. Completing a course can lead to a job. 
  • internship program with CCAA tenants
  • coming in 2018

Post Baccalaureate Residencies

Working in concert with institutions of higher education we hope to:

  • provide subsidized space for recent graduates of craft programs
  • pair them with an established mentor business
  • logistical support and business resources available
  • integrate them into a healthy ecosystem of successful craft manufacturers
  • beginning in late 2017/ early 2018

If you think you can help us realize some of these programs please let us know by filling out the form on our support page.